3 Things You Should Do Before Filing For Divorce

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3 Things You Should Do Before Filing For Divorce

27 September 2016
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Divorces happen everyday. If you are unhappy in your marriage, you might be wondering if a divorce is the right thing for you. In fact, you might have even met with a divorce attorney, but are unsure if filling for a divorce is the right decision. Before you file for divorce, your attorney might ask you to do a couple of things. Here are some things you should do before filing for a divorce.

1. See A Marriage Counselor

Before you meet with an attorney, you should try seeing a marriage counselor for help. Some people worry about the cost of counseling, but paying for a marriage counselor will be much cheaper than the legal fees for a divorce, not to mention the fact that your income and estate will be split completely in half. A marriage counselor can help you see if your marriage can be saved. For instance, there might be things that you think cannot be repaired, but with some simple help in communication, you will be amazed at how quickly you begin to repair what you thought was broken. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on anything, a counselor like those from The Divorce Company will help mediate the divorce so decisions can be made.

2. Realistically Assess Your Finances

Getting a divorce shouldn't rely completely on your finances, but they do play an important role. Before you choose to divorce you need to decide if you can afford to do so. Some things that you should consider include how much debt you have, if you can afford to pay for two houses, if both parents will need to return to work to support the children, and so forth. Having financial difficulties doesn't mean that you can't divorce, but it may mean that you need to wait until you can get your finances in order before you start the divorce process.

3. Protect Your Children and Yourself

If there is abuse in the home, you should do whatever you can to protect yourself. This means that, even if you can't necessarily afford to divorce, or even if your spouse is getting help for their problems, you still have to think about the safety of yourself and your children. This may mean that you don't divorce right away, but you should talk to an attorney about getting a legal separation and perhaps a restraining order.

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